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Former Minister Geddel Vieira Lima accused of obstructing in corruption probe

Geddel arrested 'Cui Bono"

The former minister of the Government Office Geddel Vieira Lima was arrested on Monday July 3 in Bahia, by decision of Judge Vallisney de Souza Oliveira, of the 10th Federal Court of Justice of Brasilia. He is expected to be taken on Monday by agents of the Federal Police to Brasilia.

Former minister of Lula da Silva and Michel Temer, Geddel was a leading in the government until he resigned in November last year after allegedly calling for intervention by then-minister Marcelo Calero ( Culture) to liberate a real estate development in Salvador. At the time, he denied that he had put pressure on Calero. In the Temer government, Geddel was one of the main responsible for the political articulation with deputies and senators.

Geddel Vieira Lima was arrested accused of acting to disrupt investigations of Operation ‘Cui Bono’, which investigates fraud in the release of credit from the Federal Savings Bank – the former minister was Caixa’s Corporate Vice-President between 2011 and 2013, under the Rousseff government . The investigation, which focuses on the period in which Geddel took office , originated in the analysis of conversations recorded on a cell phone device seized at the home of then-deputy Eduardo Cunha.

The Federal Public Prosecutor’s Office (MPF) argues that Geddel acted to avoid possible awards from former mayor Eduardo Cunha (PMDB-RJ) and doiroiro Lúcio Funaro, both arrested by Operation Lava Jato and also investigated at Cui Bono. According to the MPF, Geddel tried to ensure that Cunha and Funaro were given undue advantages in order not to make a donation, in addition to “monitoring” the doleiro’s behavior to embarrass him not to close the deal.

In the petition lodged with Justice, messages sent recently (between May and June) by Geddel to Lucio Funaro’s wife were cited. To prove both the existence of these contacts and the assertion that the initiative came from the politician, Funaro handed over to the police copies of several screens of the application.

For the investigators, the new elements make clear that Geddel continues to act to obstruct the investigation of crimes and still reinforce the profile of someone who reiterates in criminal practice.

The arrest is based on testimony from Funaro and the award-winning pleas of businessman Joesley Batista, one of the owners of the J & F group, and the group’s legal director, Francisco de Assis e Silva.

In addition to Geddel, they are arrested as a result of ‘Cui Bono’ Eduardo Cunha, Funaro, the former Chairman of the Board Henrique Eduardo Alves and the consultant Andre Luiz de Souza. Cunha, Alves and Funaro are already guilty in the process of paying kickback due to the release of FI-FGTS funds for the construction of Porto Maravilha in Rio de Janeiro. In addition, they respond to the action, Alexandre Margoto and Fabio Cleto.