Home Administration Amid crisis, Brazilian Government decides to invest in communication

Amid crisis, Brazilian Government decides to invest in communication


Accused of official misconduct, the president of Brazil, Michel Temer, intends to reinforce the communication team in the government to try to manage the ongoing crisis, attend to the press and improve government measures.

The idea under discussion is to relocate to the presidency contracts in force that communication companies obtained through biddings to work for government ministries.

The strategy is to set up a type of publicist cabinet to improve the government’s image – the Brazilian government has the approval of only 7% of the population as shown by the most recent Datafolha survey.

On Wednesday, July 5, the transfer of the contracts was on the agenda of a meeting at the government’s headquarters attended by presidential advisors and representatives of Grupo Inpress, CDN Comunicacao and FSB Comunicacao, which have contracts with the federal government.

The latter also performs services to JBS, of businessman Joesley Batista, who accused the president of leading the “biggest criminal organization in the country” and whose plea bargain is being used as part of the accusation and the investigation against President Temer in the Supreme Court.

FSB Comunicacao currently works for ministries such as Health Care, Sports and Defense.

The companies that will perform these services to the government and the amount spent have not been defined yet. The government says the services will be temporary and carried out while a new bidding is produced.

The government also says that the same model was used during the 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games – advertising companies worked jointly to perform services to attend to the international press.