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Brazil keeps 2016/17 soybean output forecast at 113.92mn T


The National Supply Company (Conab) projected on Tuesday a grain and oilseed supersafra in Brazil in 2016/17, with a record of 237.2 million tons, driven in large part by increased corn harvest.

In its 10th estimate for the season, Conab pointed out that these 237.2 million tons are 50.6 million tons, or 27.1 percent, higher than the result obtained in the last cycle.

According to the Company, the increase is a result of “favorable climatic conditions” and the higher “average productivity of all crops, especially soybeans and corn, which had a high level of technological application.”

In fact, corn stands out this year. The total grain harvest is expected to reach a record 96 million tonnes, up from 93.83 million tonnes projected in June and 44.3 percent above 2015/16, when the drought wreaked havoc on the central- West.

Of this total now considered, 30.4 million tons are first-crop maize and the other 65.62 million tons, the second harvest, which is responsible for the increase in total cereal production, whose harvest is under development.

In the June survey, Conab had estimated the second harvest at 63.5 million tonnes. And in 2015/16, the production of the “safrinha” corn was much smaller, with 40.77 million tons.

The total cereal area is expected to reach 17.4 million hectares (9.2 percent more than last year). But the growth of the crop is mainly due to increased productivity.

According to the company, the yield of maize increased from 4,178 tons to 5,522 tons per hectare, while that of soybeans increased from 2,870 tons to 3,362 tons per hectare.

Soy production and area numbers remain practically the same as in the June survey. According to Conab, the crop is expected to grow 19.4 percent and reach 113.9 million tons, with a 1.9 percent increase in the area planted to 33.9 million hectares.

Soybeans and corn together account for 88.5 percent of the grains produced in the country, according to Conab.
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