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President Temer Intensifies Pressure to Block Charge in Congress


The Brazilian government intensified its efforts to try to save Michel Temer from voting on the charge in which he is accused of accepting bribes.

In a combined operation of the allied base, three of the largest political parties in the lower house of Congress will try to approve a measure which would obligate their members to vote against the charge.

The PMDB, PP and PR parties scheduled meetings for Wednesday July 12 to define the ‘closing’ of the issue in favor of Temer, and which would order all congressman to follow the orientations and orders of their parties. Anyone who voted against their party, would, theoretically, be subject to punishment.

Counted together, these three parties have 148 members. Temer needs the support of 172 congressmen in the full house to ensure that the charge presented by the Prosecutor General’s Office is rejected, preventing the opening of a criminal case at the Federal Supreme Court.

The Planalto Palace is still trying to convince the PRB and PTB Parties to adopt the same procedure, which could guarantee the support of 40 more congressman for the President.

Even though they are acting as a block, the Parties should still find it difficult to ensure voting in favor of Temer on the issue, since some of their groups are splintered.

On Wednesday, the Constitution and Justice Commission will begin debating the report delivered by rapporteur Sérgio Zveiter (PMDB-RJ), which recommends approving the charge.