Home Administration Brazil’s justice minister: Corruption probe is “unstoppable”

Brazil’s justice minister: Corruption probe is “unstoppable”


Brazil’s Justice Minister insists the corruption probe that has engulfed his country’s government and reached his direct superior, President Michel Temer, will continue.

Torquato Jardim says the investigation is a win for Brazilians.

He says: “It is unstoppable. Whatever needs to be done will be done under the Constitution and the laws.”

But the investigation has also reached some lawmakers. They could decide to block the case against Temer and cut funding to Jardim’s office to stop the probe.

Jardim’s office is in charge of funding the investigators on the case, who are used by the independent the prosecutor general. On June 26, the probe reached Temer, with a formal accusation of accepting bribes.

Jardim’ made his remarks Wednesday at the Wilson Center, a Washington think tank.