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Brazilian inmates served food unfit for human consumption, according to report


Folha de Sao Paulo newspaper published yesterday a complaint that inmates received food unfit for human consumption. According Folha a company which is responsible for feeding 53% of the 19,000 prisoners in ES served inmates with food which was unfit for human consumption, leaving at least 80 of them sick.

A government agency serving under the administration of governor Paulo Hartung (PMDB) that manages and assesses quality control and oversight of prison management, issued a document in which it pointed out that some inmates were being fed meals that contained “pieces of pork” which were actually “an industrialized meat exclusively used for sausage production or making processed foods”.

The information was verified and deemed legitimate by the Idaf, a state agency in charge of sanitary inspections of animal-based foods. Their report concludes that the meat that was fed to the inmates did not undergo the proper processes necessary for human consumption.

Certain industries take the meat in the very stage that it was served and use it as animal food.

In the case in question, 80 inmates got food poisoning after eating ham sandwiches. According to the report, the food poisoning was confirmed by epidemiological surveillance services.

The Espirito Santo Department of Health stated that “the product in question was not adequate for human consumption since it contained high levels of pathogenic bacteria as well as a high number of coagulase-positive Staphylococci”.

The company Cozisul has previously engaged in questionable behavior, irregularly replacing sausages for meat, supplying companies with a quantity of meat inferior to that which was agreed upon and using inadequate vehicles to deliver meals.