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Steelmakers Still Pressing For Anti-dumping Measures Against China


The Brazilian government should soon enact anti-dumping measures to steel imports from China and Russia, according to the Brazilian Steel Institute (IABr), which represents steelmakers that operate in the country.

The anti-dumping measures are currently under review by the government and could be sent to Brazil’s Foreign Commerce Chamber (Camex) in September to the last review and subsequent approval.

“In the coming days we should have a government decision, with the issue addressed during a Camex meeting in September,” said IABr vice president and Usiminas chairman S?rgio Leite.

According to him, IABr is not in favor of protectionism in international trade, but wants isonomy regarding foreign markets, claiming that Brazilian companies have a larger tax burden than the Chinese and other steel exporters, which makes the Brazilian steel less competitive.

IABr also said that it intends to take measures against other countries’ protectionism – a reference to a potential increase in the steel products imports tariff in the United States. “We are planning a delegation to the United States, which, if approved by the IABr board, will be aligned with the government and ministers.

The goal is to go to Washington to defend the national industry interest,” said the IABr chairman, Marco Polo of Mello Lopes, at a press conference.

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