Home Administration Temer defies the Opposition to Show Up for Vote on Corruption Charges

Temer defies the Opposition to Show Up for Vote on Corruption Charges

Brazil - President Michel Temer

Tomorrow, July 2th, is the date from which process for corruption against Temer will begin in the Parlament. However, the house need the presence of 342 congressmen as condition for the process to begin.

Temer administration started encouraging opposition congressmen who are anti-Temer to show up in the lower house of Congress in order to obtain the required quorum for the vote on corruption charges against the president to proceed.

The administration, which is positive Congress will steer clear of the 342 votes required to proceed with corruption charges, is even encouraging anti-Temer congressmen in his coalition to show up for the vote.

Leading figures in the government are also urging congressmen who threatened to stay at home to show up and, when they get called up to vote, to state into the microphone that they will abstain – enabling the administration to reach the quorum it desires.

Temer’s aides decided to loosen their objectives in order to reach the threshold of 342 congressmen which is required for the vote.

The president has adopted this strategy with hopes of getting somewhere between 290 and 300 congressmen to take to the floor of the House, even if they don’t all support him, forcing the opposition to show up, in order to arrive at the required threshold.

If the plan doesn’t work, congressmen in the governing coalition plan on blaming the Workers Party (PT) and other opposition parties for the upset while claiming that they’re trying to increase the level of instability in the country.

President Temer and his aides decided they would accept a higher number of abstentions and nay votes, letting go of a wider margin of victory in order to squash the charges brought against the president for good.