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On the Eve of Vote, President Temer flatters Agribusiness representatives and Lower Clergy

Former house representative Rocha Lores arrested for corruption

The Brazilian government will try, on Wednesday (2), to finally resign the first indictment against President Michel Temer.

The president was accused of “passive corruption” by Brazilian Attorney General Rodrigo Janot for allegedly receiving a $ 500,000 (US $ 159,000) suitcase from JBS, the world’s largest meat processing company, to Rodrigo Rocha Loures, Former Counselor of Temer.

This is the first time that a Brazilian president faces criminal charges in office.

Fearing past Tuesday (1) for support. Pope Benedict XVI has received at least 35 congressmen, including former mayor of Sao Paulo, Paulo Maluf (PP-SP), who has welcomed 58 members of the rural group and participated in a dinner for 100 members of the so-called “lower clergy “(Less prominent legislators of the group,).

In the benefit of the agro-business (210 votes), it introduced a provisional measure that reduces the contribution rate of Funrural (Rural Workers Assistance Fund) and allows late payments to be paid in installments, granting discounts.

In addition, he reinstated 11 ministers and trusted the goodwill of parties such as the PR and the PSD, which caused at least two State Secretaries to claim their positions of congressmen, in order to increase the number of votes in favor of the government.

During the parliamentary recess, Temer already issued amendments, distributed charges to allies and declared that betrayals would be paid with less space in government.