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Poultry exports from Brazil were up 6.2% in June according ABPA

Francisco Sérgio Turra is Former Agriculture Minister, he is lawyer and Brazilian politician based in the state of Rio Grande do Sul. He was mayor of his hometown, and former house representative

Foreign sales volume climbed 6.2% last month, in the first increase since Federal Police operation Carne Fraca began. Industry association ABPA said the UAE, Egypt and Kuwait fueled the results.

Poultry exports from Brazil were up 6.2% year-on-year in June, the Brazilian Animal Protein Association (ABPA) reported this Wednesday (2). Shipped volume increased to roughly 385,000 tons, from approximately 362,400 tons in June 2016.

It was the first year-on-year increase in shipped volume since the Brazilian Federal Police’s meat packers probe operation Carne Fraca went public last March.

ABPA CEO Francisco Turra said Arab countries helped sales along last month. “The United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Japan, Mexico, Kuwait, Angola and other markets contributed to the good performance seen in the month,” a statement quoted him as saying.

Export revenue was up 2.7% to USD 619,200. Unlike sales volumes, poultry export revenues did not suffer from publicity involving the police operation, and kept growing at the same rate as in the past few months.

Year-to-date through July, revenue from Brazilian poultry exports increased by 5.4% to USD 4.201 billion, from USD 3.987 billion a year ago. Shipped volume slid by 4.6% to 2.506 million tons in 2017 from 2.628 million tons in 2016.

Turra believes export volume will keep going up until the end of the year. “We expect this rate to be sustained through the end of 2017, as exporters recover from the negative impacts felt in the first half,” the CEO said.