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Janot says new charge against Temer can be for obstructing justice

Attorney Rodrigo Janot and President Michel Temer

Attorney General, Rodrigo Janot, defined his strategy to submit a new accusation against President Michel Temer to the country’s Supreme Court. Temer is likely to be accused only on the grounds of obstructing justice.

The first step occurred on Wednesday, August 2. Janot asked Supreme Court Justice Edson Fachin, the rapporteur of the case, to move the investigation on criminal organization in the JBS investigation to another one, which investigates the so-called PMDB of the Lower House.

With the measure, the investigation derived from the JBS case is likely to produce an accusation based on the single crime of obstructing justice.

The JBS investigation, begun in May, contained evidence that Temer had committed the crimes of passive corruption, obstructing justice (as he approved to buy the silence of Eduardo Cunha, the former president of the Lower House, and illegal currency dealer Lucio Funaro) and criminal organization.

In June, the Attorney General’s Office submitted the first accusation against President Temer on the grounds of passive corruption- the case was analyzed in the Lower House on Wednesday, August 2.

The accusation went on to new proceedings in the Supreme Court and the original inquiry continued to investigate the case of obstructing justice and the involvement with criminal organizations.

In this way, the investigation from the JBS case is likely to produce a single accusation only for the crime that was in it at first: obstructing justice.

Prosecutors believed there would not be enough time before Janot left the Prosecutor General’s Office on September 17 to include the new accusation of participation in criminal organization.