Home Administration Inflation will converge again within the target, say Meirelles

Inflation will converge again within the target, say Meirelles


Finance Minister Henrique Meirelles said his team still does not consider the possibility of a change in the fiscal target estimated at a deficit of R $ 139 billion for this year, at a press conference with investors, organized by Goldman Sachs.

Meirelles said government spending is under control and his team is still analyzing the reasons for the drop in revenue.

According to Meirelles, the fact that inflation fell towards the goal, caused the fall of the collection. The minister believes that with the measures of the Central Bank, inflation will converge again within the target and that perspective will be reversed.

The minister said that the vote that released President Michel Temer with the vote on the reform of Social Security are different and do not necessarily imply a position for or against the government, and therefore believes that the draft reform of the Forecast presented by The rapporteur, Deputy Arthur Maia was approved in October of that year and that the tax reform, which his portfolio is still going to submit, is approved until November.

About the event, the minister said that the high interest of international investors in the country became evident due to the labor reforms and the ceiling of expenses that were implemented.