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Future Prosecutor General in secret meeting with President Temer


After talking with President Michel Temer on Tuesday night (the 8th) at the Jaburu Palace in a meeting not on the official schedule, the future Prosecutor General, Raquel Dodge, sent a communique to the current one, Rodrigo Janot, informing him of the meeting.

In the communique, which was digitally signed by Dodge at 10:35 AM on Wednesday (the 9th), she informed him that she was at Jaburu Palace to talk about the schedule for the ceremony of her inauguration, which is set for the 18th of September at the Presidential Planalto Palace.

The future lady Procurator was chosen by Temer in a list of three names. She was not the first on the list.

Generally, the details of the protocol of events of that nature are handled by senior officials’ Public Relations consultants. It is not usual for a future Prosecutor to have unofficial meetings with Presidents, let alone when they can be removed from office for corruption …

Images of Dodge at Jaburu Palace were made available to the public after being taken by a TV Globo cameraman at 10 PM. Before filing the communique, Dodge told Folha that the purpose of the meeting was to discuss the schedule of her inauguration.

The Planalto Palace confirmed this purpose of the meeting. According to aides, the meeting wasn’t on the official agenda because it was scheduled by both parties by telephone at the last minute.

In his conversation with Dodge, according to what Folha has learned, Temer also talked about the legal offensive that he has undertaken against the current Prosecutor General.

The meeting took place on the same day that Temer’s defense team requested that the Federal Supreme Court (STF) disqualify Janot from working on cases pertaining to the President.

According to what was reported, Temer told Dodge that the request for disqualification isn’t an attack on the Prosecutor General’s Office itself, but an attempt to re-establish legal normalcy.

Temer even went as far as to say, according to what was reported, that his intention isn’t to interfere in the investigation by the entity.