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The Sun Daily: Crime knocks rhythm out of Rio nightlife


When bars in Rio de Janeiro’s hottest nightlife districts throw open their doors these days, they don’t know who’ll walk in: revellers – or armed robbers?

Paulo Sergio, who owns Bar do Serginho in the Brazilian city’s trendy Santa Teresa area, says he has been the target of a dozen assaults over the last year.

All of Rio is experiencing rising insecurity but the crime wave in Santa Teresa is especially bad – and it threatens to kill the city’s party spirit.

“Clients aren’t coming anymore. They’re scared,” Sergio said.

Brazil’s government has sent almost 10,000 troops to help the police in Rio de Janeiro state, which is nearly bankrupt after years of corruption and hosting last year’s Olympics.

But that is not helping to maintain what had been a growing nightlife economy.

With its cobbled streets and quaint houses, Santa Teresa has become a magnet for music events, small hotels, restaurants and galleries. But now it’s also a magnet for brazen robberies.

“They arrive in groups of four, stop the car outside, then steal clients’ phones and watches and remove the cash register,” said Sergio, who has run the bar for four decades.

“At night, you don’t see anyone in the streets. You’d think it is a ghost town,” he said. “People will use their car now just to go 400 or 500 meters.”

The owner of a restaurant called Espirito Santa, Natacha Fink, says there have even been clients who called ahead “to ask if the restaurant is safe.”

Businesses are responding to the crime wave as best they can. When taxis refuse to take passengers to Santa Teresa, one restaurant offers to pick them up and bring them home free of charge.

Sergio has had to start closing early, because “the attacks start at about 8pm.”

Francisco Dantas, who runs Cafe do Alto, is among those who have started doing home deliveries.

“If people won’t come out, then I have to go them,” he said.

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