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In a political road show in Northeast, Lula da Silva tries his last chance

Former President Lula

Defendant in six criminal charges, former president Lula da Silva tries to escape the proceedings by political means. After failing in his rallies in Southern Brazil, Lula now invests in the poorer states of the Northeast.

Lula tries to reverse the roles and condemn the current administration for the situation of shortage in which the country is. He ignores the 13-year of the govt the workers’ party, which is responsible for the actual political, economic and social chaos.

“There’s still hope for this country. It wasn’t meant to be the crap that it has become. The country is too great for this”, the former president told supporters at a rally in Feira de Santana (Bahia). Lula has stated that he plans on running for the presidency again in 2018.

The Workers’ Party leader is on a twenty-day tour through the Northeastern states of Brazil as he prepares for next year’s campaign – that is, as long as the country’s courts don’t bar him from running.

The former president criticized the media and said that the entrepreneurial class was ungrateful. He then said that his adversaries were worried about his candidacy because they all “know what will happen”.

During his speech, he said that he had been toning his voice down so that when he arrived at one of the towns on his itinerary, it didn’t seem like he was ‘clucking’.

“I need to make my debut like I’m a rooster in a cock fight, like I’m spitting feathers.” When speaking of the “people who turned his life into a living hell”, he said that, unlike politicians, he doesn’t just put his tail between his legs.

The former president is facing six lawsuits, most of which are connected to Operation Car Wash (Lava Jato), or its ramifications. He was sentenced to prison for 9 years and 6 months for corruption by Judge Sergio Moro, who considered that he was guilty of accepting a beachfront triplex apartment in Guaruja (Sao Paulo) from construction firm OAS.

Former president Lula is scheduled to testify before judge Moro again on September 13th, in Curitiba (Paraná).