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Top prosecutor to use new testimony against President Temer


With the agreement of the “Funds’ operator” of the PMDB, Temer returns to the center of attention and political tensions that reflect so much in the economy

Lucio Funaro has signed a Leniency Agreement yesterday with the Attorney General’s Office, where the chief Rodrigo Janot, who leaves office on September 17, is accused by government officials of “chasing” President Michel Temer.

In addition to President Temer, his entire government comes into focus with the Funaro accusation, because the PMDB of the Chamber includes Cunha, ministers Eliseo Padilha and Moreira Franco and former ministers Henrique Eduardo Alves, who is in prison, and Geddel Vieira Lima In home prison.

Based on this group and in those names that Janot dreams and works for months with the possibility of presenting two new accusations against Temer: by criminal organization and obstruction of Justice. After Joesley Batista of the JBS, Funaro tends to be more of a tormentor of Temer and another trophy for Janot in his last days in the PGR.

Funaro is owner of privileged information from those who participated in all of this on the inside, engaged in a kind of obstacle race against the former president of the Chamber Eduardo Cunha to see who would conquer first the Leniency Agreement and its benefits. In both cases, the central objective was Temer.

The revelations of Lucio Funaro should pave the way for further investigations and may also be used in the complaint that the Attorney General of the Republic, Rodrigo Janot, intends to present before the end of his term in mid-September against President Michel Temer for Obstruction of justice and criminal organization.

According to a source familiar with the matter, Janot’s team will work to ensure that Funaro’s testimonies are rendered and later approved by the Federal Supreme Court (STF) in time for use in a new criminal charge against Temer before That the current attorney general of the Republic left the post on September 17.