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Paris 6 – la grande mode et la bonne bouffe – Now in Miami

The first PARIS 6 unit was inaugurated On September 26, 2006 . Recognized as restaurant of celebrities in São Paulo, the cultural bistro now have more than 11 restaurants present in Rio de Janeiro, Porto Alegre, Belo Horizonte, Campinas, Brasília . And more, launches international flights, now in Miami.

Paris 6th

by Ana Paula Favero

The Paris 6 is Inspired by the centenary cafés, bistros and brasseries of the 6th arrondissement of Paris, with dim red lighting reminiscent of many cafes in Paris, mixing art nouveau and art deco style , combining gastronomy and culture. The experience of a lunch or dinner involves a good Parisian music, menu based on typical bistro cuisine, with pastas, risottos, crepes.

Ana Paula Favero and Neymar Junior – Paris 6th in Miami Fl

The menu is extensive, more than 200 dishes from appetizers to starters and desserts. the Grand Gateau is a must when visiting this restaurant, a dessert creation of the founder Isaac Azar’s that is always behind the gastronomic news and inventions for the public.

I always liked to go to P6 in Sao Paulo and most of the time I went late night after parties, cause the restaurant goes 24 hours,non stop. In all my goings I met celebrities and actors dining there after some play. It’s known that Paris 6 support local culture and art.

“Menu Paris 6 honors in its dishes names of artists and celebrities who frequent the Bistro. Each honored person chooses the dish that would be given to him in honor. After all, the “DNA” of PARIS 6 is the story behind every dish.” Says Isaac Azar.

I like it so much that I went to meet 2 more units just opened. The P6 Miami and in Brasilia. In all the houses I was super well attended, even in Miami was received by the own Isaac Azar, always in good humor. It is awalys an amazing experience, great ambience, impeccable service and fodd delicious. I recomend.

The restaurant lives full so my tip for you is download the Paris 6 app to make the reservation at the restaurant and not pick up the queue.

Paris 6