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Cane processing falls 4% in the accumulated of the year


Brazilian mills reduced the amount of cane they use to produce sugar in the first half of August, increasing the use of the raw material for ethanol production as demand and prices for the biofuel improved, cane industry group Unica said on Monday.

La producción de azúcar alcanzó los 3,16 millones de toneladas en la primera mitad de agosto, mientras que el volumen fabricado de etanol sumó 1,95 mil millones de litros, siendo 858,19 millones de anhidro y 1,09 mil millones de hidratado, Industria de Caña de Azúcar.

In a few days, the plants try to recover the disadvantage between the current harvest and the past, whose processing was advanced, but the rate of milling indicates that the period 2017/2018 may have a lower supply of raw material compared to the last harvest, as Some analysts point out.

In the first half of July the fall in accumulated grinding was 6.13% between the two periods, in the second half of last month the difference fell back to 4.74% and in the first half of August it remained in the 4th, 09%.

With 50.04% of the total supply of cane destined for sugar and 49.96% for ethanol, sweetener production reached 3,159 million tons in the initial fortnight of this month, increase of 6.02% on the same 2016, and accumulates 20.724 million tons in the harvest, an increase of 3.86% compared to 2016/2017.

The production of biofuel amounted to 1.947 billion liters in the first half of August, up 0.23% compared to the same period of the last harvest of 1,943 million liters. It produced 1.089 billion liters of hydrated (-3.12%) and 858 million anhydrous (+ 4.82%).

In the accumulated 2017/2018 harvest, 13,520 million liters of ethanol were produced, down 8.79% over the same period last year. The total volume of ethanol manufactured until August 16, 7,665 million liters were hydrated, down 13.02%, and 5.855 billion liters of anhydrous, down 2.57% compared to the same period of the last harvest.

With the dry climate in the region, the sucrose content in the sugar cane, measured in the amount of recoverable total sugar per processed ton (ATR), was 146.29 kilos in the first half of August, 2.57% higher To the same fortnight The last harvest. In the accumulated crop, the sucrose content is 130.43 kg ATR / t, 0.96% increase over 2016/2017.