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Latin Forum: R$10 mln award to finance 3 projects


During the 15th Latin American Latin American Infrastructure Leadership Forum, the CG / LA signed a letter of intent to finance three feasibility studies (EVTEA) with up to US $3,150 million (about R$10 million).

According to the company, the issue will be made through a Simple Agreement for Future Token, a digital currency (bitcoin) infrastructure, in October. For Norman Anderson, CEO of “CGLA Infra”, the launch will play a key role for future infrastructure projects in Brazil

“With the introduction of a digital currency, the Brazilian market will become more attractive and less bureaucratic so that experts and global infrastructure players can participate in the projects more dynamically,” said Anderson

During the Latin American Forum, which has the support of the Infra Agency, three projects will be chosen, with the following focuses: water and sanitation, public transport and logistics.

Norman points out that five criteria will guide the choice of winners. The first will be the relevance of the project for a given region. The quality of the organ that will manage the project is another point that will be taken into account.

The economic analysis of the solidity of the project, which goes beyond evaluating its profitability, will be an important criterion in the evaluation, in addition to the strategic value for the improvement of competitiveness and the immediate and long-term benefits that the work will bring to the region.

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