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Pedro Caballero rescues the Peruvian entrails in large paintings full of colors, transparency, shadows and mystery

"Honor your past which is the cement where you walk in the present and prepare the step for the future still uncertain" - Pedro Caballero


by Fausto Freire

Peruvian plastic artist Pedro Caballero brought to Brasilia an individual exhibition with 39 works in oil of medium to large format, in a retrospective of his personal collection from 1994 to 2016. The universe of Caballero is inhabited by the rich magical world of pre-incaic civilization with their mummies, their rituals, ceramics, fabrics and a unique iconography that, in the palette and the brushes of Caballero, gain singular multifaceted and polychromatic dimensions.

The exhibition “The Heritage and the Inquiry of the Enigmas” visits the realism and the symbolism, passing through the poetic abstraction of describing a “Trilce”, a mythical and mysterious land, that comes to the viewer filtered by a historical erudition and authentic artistic sensibility, fruit of years of study. Its primordial inspiration comes from the Paracas culture, with fabrics, ropes, monolithic stones and mysteries.

Pedro Caballero developed his own plastic arts meta-language, where iconography and re-worked paintings reflect a work that describes another work: painting within the painting. The artist studied and graduated in the School of Art of Lima in 1982. He improved his technique in Europe, doing studies in museums and galleries of Paris and Madrid.

Paracas Culture of the “Early Horizon”, that in Quechua means sand storm, an allusion to the hurricanes of the Inca’s highlands in the Cordillera De Los Andes, is a storm of colors, feathers, marine fauna, fabrics and all luck of symbols that find residence in Caballero’s art.

Canadian art critic Virginia Howard presents Caballero as a true Peruvian cultural ambassador “persuasive and credible, to build bridges between groups, reconciling differences and establishing human aspects.”

Caballero received many awards, such as the Chilean Valparaíso International Critics Award in 1992 and 1993. His works have already been exhibited in important places such as the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), Washington DC-USA; at the Montcalm Art Gallery, Quebec-Canada; Cervantes Institute; Panoramic of Art in Peru, Athens-Greece; and Deep Roots Trives Gallery, New York-USA, among others.

The exhibition “The Heritage and the Inquiry of Enigmas” is currently at the Cultural Center of Banco do Brasil in Brasilia, from September 15 to October 15.