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At an event in Brasilia, General Mourao speaks openly of military intervention, should the crisis persists


General Hamilton Mourao publicly manifested, last Saturday, September 16, in the Oriente Masonic Lodge in Brasilia, on the crisis situation that crosses the country and did not rule out an action by the Armed Forces to preserve order and the institutions.

This is the third time that Gen. Mourao spoke on the possibility of military intervention, after the then Attorney General of the Republic, Rodrigo Janot, denounced for the second time President Michel Temer for criminal participation and obstruction of justice.

Antonio Hamilton Mourao, who is Secretary of Economy and Finance of the Army, said that “either the institutions solve the political problem, removing from public life politicians involved in corruption, or the Army will have to impose it.”

According to Gen. Mourao, the Army is observing everything that happens in Brazil, as in the “Logarithms-table”, by successive approximations and will be ready to intervene if there is no complete solution for the current crisis.

Gen. Mourao affirmed that the commander-in-chief of the Army, Gen. Villas Boas, defined a “Tripod for the Army’s performance: First, Legality; second, the Legitimacy that the institution has vis-a-vis the population; and third, Stability. The army can not represent a factor of institutional instability” , Mourao said.

In several passages the General emphasized that his opinion is in line with that of all the generals of the Army High Command. According to the General, if there is no solution, “the time will come when we [the army] will have to enforce a solution, and this imposition will not be easy, it will bring problems, you can be sure of that, but our commitment is with the Homeland, regardless of whether they are applauded or not. ”

There is a malaise in the Armed Forces because of the constant budget cuts, which already compromised vital activities of the security of the borders and even of the normal activities of the Institution.

Army commander General Eduardo Villas Boas was emphatic and said that “there is no possibility of military intervention. Since 1985 we are not responsible for turmoil in the national life and will continue to do so,” said Villas Bôas, adding that the force defends “the maintenance of democracy, the preservation of the Constitution, as well as the protection of the institutions. “