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New Attorney General, Raquel Dodge, takes office in Brasilia

Carmen Lucia, President Michel Temer and Raquel Dodge

Raquel Dodge, the new Attorney General took office today, in Brasilia, replacing Rodrigo Janot who held the position for four years. In his last week of office Janot accused President Temer of running a criminal organization, obstructing justice and money laundering. Janot did not appear the possession of its successor.

President Michel Temer attended the event and made the closing speech. Speaking suddenly, Temer said that the Public Ministry is part of the State Powers.

The first woman to hold the position of attorney general in Brazil, Dodge said at her swearing-in ceremony that no one is above the law and that Brazilians “do not tolerate corruption and expect results.”

Dodge quoted Pope Francis in reference to corruption. “Pope Benedict teaches us that ‘corruption is not an act, but a condition, a personal and social state, in which the person becomes accustomed to living. The corrupt person is so closed and satisfied in nurturing his self-sufficiency that he does not leave It has built a self-esteem that is based on fraudulent attitudes: spend your life looking for the shortcuts of opportunism, at the price of your own dignity and the dignity of others … Corruption makes you lose your modesty protects truth, goodness and beauty’. “