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Who, after all, invest in infrastructure in brazil?


Whenever you read about problems to invest in Brazil, lack of attractiveness to foreigners, barriers, etc. remember this chart below:

Yes, it is Brazil compared to other countries with the same level of development, overcoming of all, when you ask the managers of large international funds on where best to invest, just giving the two options in response. The survey made by CGLA Infrastructure, a consultancy that promoted last week the 15th Latin American Forum Brazilian Leadership in Infrastructure, in São Paulo. The event was supported by the Infrastructure Agency.

The results of the survey of CGLA were shown by the company’s CEO, Norman Anderson, who pointed out a positive framework for evaluating investment to Brazil. Only one out of 10 respondents say that the country is not attractive to investments.

This does not mean, however, that everything is fine and nothing needs to be done. One of every three response, for example, points out that the environment is bad for investment. Respondents complain about regulatory instability in the country, among other weaknesses.

The problems are reflected in this other chart below. To invest in Brazil, over 80% of those surveyed want above 10% returns, with the majority, over 15%, a high value for infrastructure projects, even by national standards.

During the two-day meeting, more than 50 presentations from industry projects to investors, as well as lectures on different areas of government have tried to solve the problems of lack of infrastructure in the country.