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ANAC runs to reschedule grant before the Provisional Measure loses validity

Guarulhos Airport - GRU

National Civil Aviation Agency or ANAC approved two processes on Tuesday (19) to accelerate the reprogramming of the payment of the concession of Guarulhos/SP and Galeao/RJ airports. The amendment was foreseen in Provisional Measure # 779, sent to the National Congress in May.

But the Provisional Measure loses its validity on October 2, without having even been reported in the previous commission of analysis, which precedes the visit to the plenary of the Chamber of Deputies, before proceeding to the Senate. It is virtually impossible for the measure to be approved on time.

The companies will have to sign the additives to the contracts in force of the Provisional Measure, according to the decision of the agency. In order for the process to progress, the directors of the ANAC ruled the two reprogrammes extraordinarily at Tuesday’s meeting.

Even with approvals, deadlines are considered tight. The agency already has the additives to the contracts ready, but the dealers have to make deposits in high values ​​before signing, in addition to delivering a series of documents to verify the payment and other requirements necessary for the contractual change.

HNA enters with restrictions to avoid abuse of competition

The first approved process dealt with the entry permit of China HNA instead of Odebrecht as the private controlling shareholder of the Galeao International Airport (RJ). Due to its participation in air companies, including Azul, and in service providers in airports, HNA will have to comply with the clauses that will be stipulated by ANAC in the contract of the concession, to avoid possible competitive abuses.

The Chinese company will hold 51% of the unit’s private equity, with 49% for Singapore’s Changi Airport. According to the Agency iNFRA advanced in the 104 edition of August 17, the ANAC already allowed the repertoire of the granting of the Galeao, ie, the company forward payments of value due to the State by the contract to remain unpaid for a period of three years.

Guarulhos will also advance payment

At the meeting on Tuesday, it was the turn of the concessionaire of the Guarulhos airport, controlled by Invepar, also get the reprogramming of the payments. According to the agency, the concessionaire must anticipate the payment of R $ 319.7 million and withdraw, prior to the signature of the additive, the outstanding portion of July 2017, in the amount of R $ 883.6 million.

In the model for Guarulhos, the concessionaire will pay a reduced part in 2018, of R $ 171 million, and then pay until the end of its contract, in 2032, plots ranging from R $ 811 million to R $ 1.2 billion.

Inframerica, concessionaire of the Airport of Brasilia, also requested to reprogram its payment in the terms of the provisional measure. “The administrator is confident in the conversion of the Provisional Measure into law, since it is in the public interest of the Treasury and important for the sustainability of the concession model.” The process is still under analysis by the ANAC.