Home Business Energy consumption in the free market grows 10.4% in September

Energy consumption in the free market grows 10.4% in September


Demand for electricity increased in the country in September, according to the Electric Energy Trading Chamber (CCEE). Preliminary data collected between September 1 and September 26 show that in the free market, where companies buy energy directly from suppliers, there was a 10.4% increase in consumption compared to the same period in 2016.

Segments of the industry that most demanded energy were the vehicle sectors (+ 7.1%), sanitation (+5.9%) and textiles (+ 1.9%). There was shrinkage in the beverage industries (-9.7%), non-metallic minerals (-8.6%) and chemical (-7%). Across the national system, the increase in consumption was 2.1%. Power generation also rose: 1.5% – percentage slightly lower than demand.

Thermal plants increase production by 22percent

The guarantee of the supply was the generation of thermal plants, whose production had an increase of 22%. The wind power segment increased 36.3%, but its share in the national energy matrix is ​​lower.

Production from hydropower plants, including small hydropower plants, fell 9.9% in the period, due to the severe drought that plagued most of the country in the last two months.

Privatization of distributors – The National Bank for Economic and Social Development (BNDES) formally submitted, on Thursday, September 28, to the Ministry of Mines and Energy the modeling proposal for the privatization of the distributors of the Eletrobras system. The distributors can have an average increase currently estimated at 62% in their rates.