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Obama arrives in Brazil to hold a conference and talk to brazilian young people


Former President Barack Obama arrived in Sao Paulo on Wednesday night to participate in the Citizens’ Forum and hold conferences. Obama met with business leaders who promote the development of a global citizen in their companies.

The Global Citizens Forum is promoted by Valor newspaper and Santander Bank of Brazil. The meeting aims to “initiate a dialogue on the responsibility of people in building a better future,” according to information released by the organizers.

The theme of the meeting will be “Change the World?” Yes, you can, “a reference to Obama’s famous 2008 election campaign slogan:” Yes we can. ”

Forum’s programming in also has a ‘secret meeting’ with 11 young Brazilian leaders, aged between 23 and 36 years. Information about the meeting, organized by the Obama Foundation, which aims to assist in the formation of new leaders in the United States in other countries, has not been disclosed – the guests sign a term of confidentiality in which they undertake not to disclose schedules , local or even that will participate of the encounter with the ex- president.

From Sao Paulo, Obama embarks for Buenos Aires. In the Argentine capital, will participate this Friday in a congress on new economic models.