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Ex-director of Olympic Committee Rio 2016 arrested for suspected fraud

Guzman, Avelange and Cabral

Carlos Arthur Nuzman and Leonardo Gryner were arrested earlier this morning in Rio’s South Zone. The Federal Police and the Federal Attorney’s Office are investigating the purchase of voters of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) for Rio de Janeiro election as Host City for the Olympic.

Nuzman was arrested at home in the luxurious district of Leblon, around 6:00 AM. Nuzman has been president of the COB for 22 years. The request for imprisonment was decreed by Judge Marcelo Bretas, of the 7th Federal Criminal Court.

According to the Federal Public Prosecutor’s Office, the arrest warrant was issued because there was an attempt to conceal property in the last month after police issued a search warrant at Nuzman’s home last month. Among the hidden goods, there are values ​​in kind and 16 kilos of gold that would be in a chest in Switzerland.

According to the police investigators, the evidence gathered in the first stage of the “Unfair Play” show evidence that Nuzman and Gryner were the agents responsible for linking Cabral, former Rio’s governor, with rate scheme and African IOC members, through Arthur Soares.

The visits of Cabral, Gryner and Nuzman to several members of the Committee that would choose the venue for the 2016 Olympic Games were even admitted by the former governor during the testimony before the Federal Justice in Operation Efficiency.

Even with all the investigation and outbreak of the operation about a month ago, there was no movement to remove Nuzman and Gryner from their functions with the COB and both continued to manage the contracts signed by the Committee. Thus, according to the Federal Attorney, they continued to have access to public money, documents and important information for the investigations.