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Cata: fastest growing in Brazil among small-medium companies

Ranked #1 in growth among small to medium enterprises in Brazil by Deloitte and Exame magazine, Cata Company grew over 4,500% from 2014-2016 securing their top spot on the list.



Cata’s rapid growth has been fueled by investing in partnerships with Brazilian CITs, an expanding number of exports, and a new US based branch in South Florida.

The company’s first product, CataCoin was developed to provide a client-facing, interactive coin machine that would recirculate coins within the country and provide them to the retailers that needed them most. Machines are now in 400+ locations in 140 different retail chains.

Their next product line, CataCash was developed to fill the need for a high-tech, lower cost smart safe and have been managed to continue a steady growth rate by providing this alternative.

The project flourished through a partnership with Prosegur – the country’s leading company in cash-in-transit service provider and continued to grow through two other segment leaders, Protege and Preserve.

“We remain close partners with Prosegur and have been advancing negotiations with others within the segment to consolidate Cata Company’s position in the Brazilian market,” COO and Director of Sales, Flávio Freitas.

Cata Company is focused on expanding their solutions to new territories. CataCoin has been exported to the United States, Peru, Australia, and Spain. Our line of smart safes, CataCash are being sold in the United States, Mexico, Argentina, Paraguay and Spain.

“We have products in pilot in numerous locations and we’re optimistic about the future. We believe that more than 15% of this year’s estimated revenue will come from exports,” Victor Levy, CEO and Co-founder of Cata Company.

Cata Company’s latest innovation is a Shielded Vault System. Designed to prevent catastrophic losses during bank and CIT robberies, the vault boasts an embedded mechanism that destroys, in less than four minutes, 40% each individual bill stored in the shielded vault. The destroyed bills then may be exchanged with their respective central bank.

About Cata Company

Headquartered in Florianópolis (Santa Catarina) and a US subsidiary in Pompano Beach (Florida, USA), Cata Company is a technology-focused enterprise that develops innovative solutions for cash in transit companies, financial institutions, and business that handle cash and coin. Their product line includes, CataCoin, coin machines CataCash, smart safes and CataTech, comprised of the revolutionary new shielded vault system.