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Judge increases the freezing of Batista brothers assets to guarantee restitution to the Treasury


In a decision that increased blockade of assets of the JBS SA leaders, the world’s largest meatpacker, Federal Judge of Brasilia DF, Ricardo Leite, affirms that the measure is necessary to guarantee that “the confiscated patrimony is insufficient to satisfactorily repair the losses caused to the treasury “.

The new blockade still reaches relatives of the Batista brothers. The decision was signed on September 26 but only reached the public this Friday October 6th. In it, Judge Leite cites the national media reporting that the plea agreement of the owners of JBS, Joesley and Wesley Batista, was rescinded, “a situation that authorizes the continuity of the investigations”. The magistrate’s decision coincides with the manifestations of the Federal Police (PF) and the Attorney General’s Office (PGR), who requested the extension of the blockade.

Among those affected is Josley and Wesley Batista’s brother, José Batista Júnior, named as responsible for the internationalization of JBS and appointed to take over the company in 2016, after moving away from both in Operation Greendfield.

Lawyers for the Batista brothers, Ticiano Figueiredo, said he will file a petition with the Federal Regional Court (TRF) to suspend the freeze.

Federal Supreme Court Minister Edson Fachin opened a deadline for JBS’s defense to be heard on the request of the Attorney General to review lenience agreement from the company’s owners and executives. This deadline is still in force.