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Andrade Gutierrez: hard conditions for leniency agreement


A fine of about US $ 12 billion should be paid by construction company Andrade Gutierrez so that it can again be allowed to be contracted by the Brazilian government, according to Brazil’s press on Monday (Oct.9).

The value, which can be divided in installments by decades, was calculated by the commission formed by the Federal Attorney General’s Office (AGU) and the Federal Comptroller’s Office (CGU), which negotiates  a leniency agreement with the company.

In a leniency agreement,  as the one being negotiated,, the company besides  admitting the practice of wrongdoings,  has ti collaborate with the investigation and financially repair the damage it caused to the country. If such an agreement is not reached, the company will not be allowed to be hired as a contractor by the government.

Andrade Gutierrez  claims that the has no financial conditions to pay off the fine. Between 2012 and 2016, the gross revenue of the construction company was R $ 33.4 billion, states the company,