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Worker’s Party tries strategy to overcome their political isolation


Faced with an erosion that practically liquidated the political possibilities of the party, the Worker’s Party (PT) from Lula da Silva and Dilma Rousseff is preparing to try to break free from political isolation.

According to the Folha newspaper the Workers’ Party intends to give up proposing candidates to run for governor in up to 16 Brazilian states in 2018 to support other parties’ candidates.

The strategy to get a “ride” with stronger slates in the states is a way to compensate the isolation the PT has faced since the Car Wash investigation and Rousseff’s impeachment, which shook the relationship between members of the PT and the country’s main parties.

The idea is to support “dissenting members” of these parties who intend to run for governor and make room for a PT national camping.

This strategy will be used in case Lula does run for president or any other member of the PT becomes its candidate – which could occur if Lula’s conviction is confirmed and he cannot become a candidate.

A map drawn up from information of members of the PT’s board of directors shows that, a year before the first round of the 2018 elections, the PT could reduce the number of states where it will have a candidate running for governor to 11. In 2014, the PT had 17 candidates.