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President Temer’s health is OK


The alleged information that President Temer would undergo a cardiac catheterization in coming days was dismissed as a “gossip” by the Presidency’s press office.

According to the newspaper O Globo, President Michel Temer is with a partial obstruction in a coronary artery and will have to undergo a catheterization in the next days.

TV Globo affirmed in its TV journal. that Temer thought to do the procedure the past Friday 6 of October.

President, however, opted to postpone the procedure of unclogging the artery for after the vote by the Chamber of Deputies of the complaint by criminal organization and obstruction of justice. Voting must take place until the end of the month.

The Palacio do Planalto, seat of government, declared that Temer enjoys perfect health. He added that, in the reviews, “no problem has been reported or reported to the president.”

Presidency advice also said that if there is any information other than the official, the person accredited to speak on the matter is the private physician of the president, Roberto Kalil Filho.