Home Business Privatized roads movement increased by 2.2% in September

Privatized roads movement increased by 2.2% in September



The index of the Brazilian Association of Highway Concessionaires (ABCR), which measures the number of vehicles circulating on privatized roads, registered a 2.2% increase in September compared to August. The improvement in the index was driven by the positive development of the economy in the country.

Number of cars, called light vehicles, increased by 3.3% in September. With the result, the indicator closed the third quarter with a rise of 0.8%. “The improvement in the financial condition of families must maintain the positive track record in the last quarter of 2017,” says the director of Tendencias Consultoría, a company that carries out the research with ABCR.

Flow of trucks and buses, classified as heavy vehicles, also showed a rise compared to August, but more timid, 0.7%. The scenario, according to Alessandra, shows a moderate growth reaction. The positive result would be a reflection of the increase in industrial production in the year.

Evaluation covers 19,400 kilometers of roads granted, distributed in 12 states, and administered by 59 companies. In total, there are 20 federal, 37 state and 2 municipal concessionaires, which together form part of ABCR.