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Brazil works to increase sales to Iran

Iran is an important trading partner that buys an average of $ 2 billion a year of Brazilian products


Temer administration has worked to expand the trade relationship between Brazil and Iran, which buys US $ 2 billion worth of Brazilian products per year. Following a mission by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply to the Middle East country to close export and import agreements, the goal now is to simplify financial operations between the two economies and further boost trade.

In September, a Brazilian mission concluded important agreements in the sectors of meat, soy, corn, biodiesel and ethanol, sugar and fish. The agenda in Tehran, the Iranian capital, included bilateral meetings with government officials such as the deputy minister of Industry, Mines and Trade and president of the Iranian Trade Promotion Organization, Mojtaba Khosrowtaj, deputy minister of agriculture and member of the Jihad Esteghlal Company, Arzhang Javadi.

Map executive secretary Eumar Novacki participated in the mission to Iran and now works to simplify financial operations between Brazilian exporters and Iranian buyers. In a note posted on the ministry’s website, the secretary explained that “the bilateral financial arrangement will be important for investment and financing of agricultural projects, in addition to increasing trade volume.”