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The New Yorker analyzes role of military in Brazil


Alex Cuadros, in a piece published by The New Yorker, picked a recent statement of a  Brazil’s  Army Antonio Mourao – who said that  was a limit to the political chaos the armed forces could tolerate – to analyze the role of the military in the current Brazilian crisis,  as well as Jair Bolsonaro’s (a House Representative and a retired Army officer) probable candidacy to the Presidency in 2018.

Brazil is all familiar with military coups, said Cuadros, remembering that the last one, in 1964, brought on a twenty-one-year dictatorship. He also recalls that the Constitution do not allow a military intervention if the country finds itself at the brink of chaos.

But it is clear that many Brazilians seem to be losing lost in democracy altogether. In a poll taken after Mourao’s comments, forty-three per cent of the population said it would support  a “temporary military intervention.”