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Cassava processing training, a link between Brazil and African countries



The Brazil-Africa Institute (BAI)  and the African Development Bank (AfDB, Abdijan) have recently launched an initiative that aims to train young African professionals in research and technology transfer, contributing to local capacity development in agriculture and rural development, health, education, information and communication, infrastructure, and the creative industry.

According to AfDB, the technical training program is funded by the South–South Cooperation Trust Fund (SSCTF) and consists of an array of professional development schemes to meet diverse needs of African countries by utilizing Brazil’s technology, skills and knowledge.  The first initiative will be the training of  14 African countries youth in cassava processing.

The trainees will receive a two-month training on the production chain of cassava at the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation (Embrapa) a state-owned  company in Brazil. Since its inception on April 26, 1973, it has been devoted to developing technologies, knowledge and technical-scientific information aimed at Brazilian agriculture, including livestock.

Their mission is to “develop research, development and innovation solutions for the sustainability of agriculture, for the benefit of Brazilian society”.Embrapa’s organizational structure is composed of 46 centers that can be divided into Research Units or Service Units, and of 17 Central Units that comprise the corporation’s headquarters. Such research centers are distributed throughout the country in nearly all Brazilian states. The corporation currently employs over 9,790 people, of which 2,444 are researchers.

The Brazil Africa Institute is a non-profit organization aiming to promote the engagement between Brazil and the African continent, championing economic development for for governments and private sector’s interests.