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In a “Cry from the heart” letter, Temer says he believes in conspiracy to remove him from office

Crocodile tears


President Michel Temer  sent on Monday (Oct.16)  a letter to House representatives and senators in which he stated  that since May he has been target by a campaing of clumsiness and vileness, and that although he resisted believing in a conspiracy to withdraw him from office,  facts shows it may exist,

“It all began with the wiretapping of the conversation between JBS’ executives, a dirty, immoral, indecent dialogue, capable of embarrassing those who hear it  (…)  The ones who listen to it may verifiy  the conspiracy intent of those who participated in it, It also demonstrated the participation of  the former Attorney General (Rodrigo Janot), through one of his closest collaborators, Marcelo Miller, ” who was ordered to ‘evaluate’ Michel Temer.

In the text, the President said to be “outraged” for being “a victim of such unscrupulous people.” Temer pointed  to an interview former deputy Eduardo Cunha gave to “Epoca” magazine, where he said that a bargain plea with Car Wash’s  (anti-corruption) task force would depend if he was able to incriminate the President. As Cunha didn’t do that, the Attorney General searched for another person who could do that,

Temer said that the Attorney-General found this other person in Lucio Funaro,  a PMDB operator in the bribery scheme: “It must be  highlighted that Funaro, did not even know me “the President pointed out.

The President also cited the leakage of wiretaping of dialogues of JBS’ executives Joesley Batista and Ricardo Saud, clearly considering  the goal of “overthrowing the President of the Republic.” “At the right time, and in agreement with Rodrigo Janot, the arrangement a agreed with Lucio Funaro” would  represent putting the lid onf the coffin. ”

“Brazil has not stopped, despite the criminal allegations I have just pointed out,” Temer said  highlighting the agenda of reforms proposed by his government,

Temer also emphasized that the letter has a tone of “relief”. “It is an explanation for those who know me.”, he wrote,

The four-page letter was sent to congressment in the week the House’s Constitution and Justice Commission (CCJ) prepares to vote if it will accept or not indictement that would lead to the  President to leave office to face trial for obstruction to the Justice and forming a criminal organization.