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Search and Seizure in the Lucio Vieira Lima representative’s office, brother of Geddel – Federal Police


Police are investigating the relationship of deputy Lucio Vieira Lima, brother of former minister Geddel Vieira Lima with the case of R$51 million, about US$ 16,35 million dollars, apprehended in Salvador apartment. The police investigator identified Lucio’s advisor digital in the Geddel money bunker.

In an unfolding of the operation that seized R$ 51 million in cash in a Salvador apartment in September, the Federal Police (PF) carried out search and seizure orders Monday morning in the cabinet of deputy Lucio Vieira Lima in the Chamber of Deputies.

Federal police officers left the Legislative building in two black cars shortly before 11:00 AM, having stayed in the parliamentarian’s office for about five hours. The investigators left the parliament with a briefcase and a suitcase.

Lucio is the brother of former minister Geddel Vieira Lima, who is jailed in the Papuda Penitentiary in Brasilia on suspicion of being the owner of the fortune seized last month in the apartment of a noble neighborhood in the capital of Bahia.

The operation this Monday – the first under the command of the new attorney general of the Republic, Raquel Dodge, investigates if there is a relationship between Lucio Vieira Lima and the R$ 51 million. Researchers want to know if it could be a beneficiary or intermediary of money.

The search and seizure orders were issued by Minister Luiz Edson Fachin, Car Wash rapporteur at Supreme Court. The PF also carried out search warrants at the residence of Lucio Vieira Lima in Brasilia and in the apartment where he lives with his family in Salvador.

In addition to the residences and the cabinet of Geddel’s brother, another target of Monday’s judicial orders is Job Ribeiro Brandao, full parliamentary secretary in the cabinet of Lucio Vieira Lima.