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The railway ‘Ferrograo’ opens public consultation from 30 October


The launch of the public consultation on the feasibility studies for Ferrograo, which will link the states of Mato Grosso to Para, is scheduled for October 30. The latest details of the concession were agreed between representatives of the federal government last week, so that at the steering meeting of the National Transportation Agency (ANTT) on October 25 the proposal is approved.

The public consultation must last 30 days, with audience in some of the cities where the railway will pass and in Brasilia. At the end of the hearings, the government still needs to answer questions and then send the studies and the proposed edict to the Union Court of Accounts (TCU). Only after the court’s analysis can the edict be released. Competition is scheduled for the first half of 2018.

As an announcement outside of the traditional models already tested in the country, representatives of the government and the ANTT had discussions about what it would be possible to allow to make the business viable, such as a more specific risk matrix and the use of regulatory assets. length of the concession. The investment is estimated at R $ 12.6 billion, about US$4 billion dollars, and will be totally private. To make it viable, the government is going to make a 65-year concession.