Home Business Airbus-Bombardier partnership may push Boeing-Embraer closer ties

Airbus-Bombardier partnership may push Boeing-Embraer closer ties



After the announcement that Airbus and Bombardier will become partners for the CSeries commercial jet program – a direct competitor of Brazil’s Embraer  mid-size jets – CNN sees as a natural step a closer relationship between Boeing and the Brazilian company : ”While the tie between Airbus and Bombardier may not bring Embraer and Boeing into full partnership, the pair has been inching closer for years.

In 2012, Boeing and Embraer  signed na agreement to collaborate on a broad range of areas, including airplane “efficiency, safety and productivity.” In 2013, both companies agreed to market Embraer’s new KC-390 airlifter to the U.S., U.K. and Middle East governments. In the same year, the Brazilian company Embraer launched a major overhaul of its regional jets and consciously stopped short of competing with Boeing and Airbus, said CNN.

According to the same source, in 2016, Embraer and Boeing tested a slate of new advanced technologies on an Embraer test aircraft. The arrangement was a rare co-mingling of intellectual property that manufacturers normally keep from the prying eyes of potential competitors.

Boeing is actively studying whether it will build a new, small twin-aisle jetliner for medium distance flights, but is seeking ways to significantly reduce the jet’s development costs.

“If we do engage in a partnership in the future, we are very much aware of our size our abilities, but it would have to be a true partnership, somebody would have to trust us in all aspects our ability to serve a customer,” said Frederico Fleury Curado, embraer CEO.