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Brazil-US open-skies bill yet to be approved by Congress


The National  Association of Airport Administration Companies (Aneaa) sent to  the chairman of the Chamber of Deputies  a request a fast track to the voting of the “open skies” agreement between the US and Brazil, which provides for the gradual  reciprocal opening of international routes to airlines of both countries.

According to ‘Jornal do Brasil’ newspaper, representatives of American Airlines and Latam  also met President Michel Temer on Monday (Oct. 16) with the same request.

When approved, the “open skies”  agreement will allow airlines from both countries to create routes between the United States and Brazil in a free way, without restrictions on the number of flights, frequencies or destinations served.

In Brazil, the Administrative Council for Economic Defense (Cade) has already given green light to the deal. But in the United States, approval will only come if the Brazilian government ratifies the “open skies” agreement.

To be fully effective, the bill has to be approved by Congress and ratified by the Executive,  The bill entered in the Congress’ agenda  the agenda, but was withdrawn due to lack of consensus.