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Airports tender round postponed to 2019



The airport tender round announced at the last meeting of the Investment Partnership Program (PPI) Council will no longer take place in 2018, as the government anticipated. The programming now is for 2019, which leaves the round uncertain, since until there is predicted election precidencial and the beginning of a new government.

The government’s intention was to tender four blocks of airports (Northeast, Mato Grosso, Southeast and Congonhas). But the internal resistance of the group led by ex-deputy Valdemar Costa Neto, of PR, who dominates Infraero, caused the government to fall into the belief that there would not be enough time to put such complex tenders on the street in such a short time.

However, the rush in bidding was due to the determination of the Ministry of Finance, which wanted to try to close the 2018 box with the privatization of the country’s main airport, Congonhas (SP), whose expectation of collection with grant is in the house of the R $ 6 billion.

Difficulties presented by the interested parties on how to do the studies, mainly in Congonhas, also collaborated for the government to review the term for the concession. So far, almost two months after the announcement, there are even companies authorized to initiate feasibility studies through PMI.