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Lula in El Mundo: Dilma made PT lose credibility. I’ll be back in 2018

In an interview to El Mundo, former president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva said that lies of former president Dilma Rousseff -, of its own Workers Party - were responsible for their party lose of credibility.


Former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva (PT) said in an interview with the Spanish newspaper “El Mundo” that his party’s downfall was due to having thrown its credibility in the trash can.

According to Lula, this loss of credibility occurred in the government of former President Dilma Rousseff  who “betrayed her electorate” by promoting fiscal adjustment (after she had promised that she would do not) after reelected.

Other highlights of Lula’s interview:

– Our biggest failure was to have exaggerated the tax exoneration (exemption) to large companies (114 billion euros of exemptions between 2011 and 2014).

– The second mistake was that Dilma Rousseff made a fiscal adjustment (after an election campaign where she swore she would not do it).

– His ex-ally Eduardo Cunha (of the PMDB, now imprisoned for corruption) overturned all the reforms proposed by Dilma.

“I thought I’d stand in the 2014 election, but I did not. I’m not the type to whining”.

– We have to look forward, I want to be President of Brazil again.

– It is criminal to do (as Temer did) the freezing of the level of public investment for twenty years.

– They want to privatize the country. All that remains to be seen is what they are going to do with Petrobras.

“I’m innocent of the accusations of corruption.

“I never considered myself a populist president, but an extremely popular one.

“It surprises me that Trump wants to rule over twitter.


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