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Congonhas airport excluded from privatization list


In a decree published Wednesday (Oct.25) in the Official Gazette, the federal government included 13 airports in the National Privatization Program:

– Recife (capital of the state of Pernambuco),

– Vitoria (capital of the state of Espírito Santo),

– Várzea Grande (state of Mato Grosso),

– Macae (state of Rio de Janeiro),

– Juazeiro do Norte (state of Ceara),

– Bayeux (state of Paraiba),

– Campina Grande (state of Paraiba),

– Aracaju (capital of the state of Sergipe),

– Maceio (state capital of Alagoas),

– Rondonopolis (Mato Grosso),

– Sinop (Mato Grosso),

– Alta Floresta (Mato Grosso),

Barra dos Garças (Mato Grosso).


The airports may be awarded individually or in bulk. The decision will come after “modeling studies of privatization”. All airports were included in the Investment Partnership Program (PPI).

Not included at the list is Congonhas Airport, which had been announced in August this year as one of the 57 infrastructure projects that the government would  auction in this and next year.

The Ministry of Transport has expressed its intention to withdraw Congonhas from privatizations, alleging technical issues and that the concession would complicate the financial situation of Infraero.

In fact, it seems that the non-inclusion of Congonhas was due to the inability of the Presidency of the Republic to resist  pressures from an allied party.