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Senate highlights cultural heritage of Turkish peoples


Senate highlights cultural heritage of Turkish peoples

Senate hosted events to remark history, traditions and architecture of Turkey, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan.


Senator Cristovam Buarque (PPS-DF) stressed the contribution of the ancient culture of the Turkish people to humanity and said that the political cohesion of Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Turkey is an exemple for Brazil and Latin America.

Cristovam, who is the chairman of the Brazil-Azerbaijan Parliamentary Group, said it was necessary to intensify the dissemination of cultural diversity in Brazil. – I am fascinated by this transnational but culturally unified community.

Ottoman Empire

The ambassadors of the three countries in Brazil participated in the opening ceremonies of the event and highlighted some aspects of architecture and art that refer to the Ottoman Empire.

“The three countries have a common root” said Azerbaijan’s ambassador to Brazil, Elkhan Polukhov. In addition to the conference, the Senate hosted other events to remark the cultural heritage of the Turkish people.

One of them was the photographic exhibition A Piece of the Turkish Heritage in Brazil was opened. The exhibition will be presented up to November 3 in the gallery of Annex 1 of the Senate. The photographs highlight culture, traditions, history and architecture, as well as the natural landscapes and life of the citizens of the three countries.