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Cristovam Buarque announces he will evaluate presidential candidacy


Jornal do Commercio (http://jconline.ne10.uol.com.br/) has just announced that Senator Cristovam Buarque has requested a leave from his post as senator in order to assess the possibility of becoming a candidate for next year’s presidential election

“Brazil is in the process of choosing which candidates will run for the Presidency of the Republic within each party, and I am asking my party, the PPS, to be its candidate. I am doing this for several reasons. One, I believe that in the atmosphere the country is living in, nobody has the right to stay out of this process.Each of us has to say, I am ready, I am willing, I feel ready and prepared,” he said.

Like former President Lula, Cristovam Buarque will form a  caravan to go across the country. “I will need to convince the militants of my party and listen to the people. To make this hearing with the population and convince the militants, I will need to travel “he confirmed.

Cristovam Buarque is known for his role in matters involving education and will resume his term in April.

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