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Fras-le buys companies in Argentina and Uruguay


Fras-le, a Randon group company that manufactures components for the automotive industry, has announced the purchase of companies in Uruguay and Argentina.

In Argentina, the Brazilian company acquired PALR, the parent company of distributor and manufacturer of auto parts Armetal Autopartes, which in turn controls Farloc Argentina, which manufactures products such as brake fluids.

The company also acquired shares of Uruguayan company Fanacif.

In a statement to the market, Fras-le informed that “the main objective of the company is to strengthen its global performance, increase its product portfolio, expand its share in the auto parts distribution market and expand its production capacity”.

In addition to Brazil, Fras-le has plants in the United States and China and distribution centers in Argentina, Europe and the United States. Argentina is the second largest automotive market in South America, after Brazil, and the main destination for Brazilian automotive exports.