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 Temer: “Absolute sync” helps Brazil out of economic crisis



The current administration’s recent advances, including falling interest rates and inflation and positive job numbers, were only possible thanks to “absolute sync” between the Legislative, Executive and Judiciary. Through dialogue with society and National Congress, Temer said, the country was able to emerge from recession.

“We have done very harmonious and coordinated work. There are no divergences. The government has extraordinary unity, and is supported by National Congress. Thanks to this sync, we were able to carry out measures that modernised the country,” Temer said.

Temer attended the launch ceremony of the digital platform Emprega Brazil programme, which offers internet apps and portals with services such as job vacancy lists, the digital Worker’s Portfolio (the booklet that keeps record of a worker’s formal employment contracts), applications for unemployment insurance and vocational training.

The president also highlighted dialogue with National Congress as a crucial element for the approval of the new labour law, which came into effect this month. “The labour modernisation law has just been born and is already producing effects. This ceremony takes place at a very good time. We are meeting here to address our highest priority, that is job creation. This moment follows the rule of our administration: put Brazil in the 21st century,” he said. (Source: Presidency of the Republic)