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ABPA: Philippines reopens market for Brazilian meats

Francisco Turra


The Department of Agriculture of the Government of the Philippines issued Friday (Nov. 24) a memorandum reopening the country’s market for meat from chickens, pigs and cattle from Brazil, reports the Brazilian Animal Protein Association (ABPA).

According to the memorandum, the Brazilian system meets the Philippine food safety and animal health standards, complying with all the determinations imposed by the regulatory bodies of the Asian country.

The suspension of imports of Brazilian products occurred in September of this year. Before this, Brazil had shipped to the Philippines the equivalent of 35 thousand tons of chicken meat throughout 2017. Of pork, they were close to 2 thousand tons between January and September.

“Brazil received a technical mission from the Philippine Government a few weeks ago, and showed that our structure is fully adequate to meet their demands.” This is a conquest for the Brazilian animal protein production chain, pointing to optimistic perspectives on bird shipments and of pigs in 2018 “, said Francisco Turra, the ABPA CEO.