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Natura expands list of natural ingredients in its products


Natura (a Brazilian manufacturer of beauty, household, and personal care products) obtained the renewal of the UEBT (Union for Ethical BioTrade) certificate and expanded the list of natural ingredients  –  from 40 to 65 –  whose production chain has the UEBT seal.

The UEBT certifies that the ingredients are of a sustainable origin and are ethically supplied by 33 supplier communities located in all Brazilian regions.

In all, there are 2,841 families involved in the supply of assets of Brazilian biodiversity, such as ucuuba, murumuru and andiroba. In the first certification, in 2016, there were 14 communities and 40 ingredients that received the seal.

“In addition to generating development and income for more than 2,000 families, the use of Brazilian biodiversity assets helps to conserve 257 thousand hectares of standing forest, by showing that the forest can be worth more standing than felled,” the company points out .

In the process of certification by UEBT, the production chain of the ingredients goes through an independent audit, also carried out in the company. In addition, an ABS (Access and Benefit Sharing) assessment is conducted to ensure that companies have a good understanding of the regulation that may be applicable to these ingredients.

Natura has been awarded the UEBT label since 2016. Certification is valid for up to one year. Among the dimensions evaluated in the renewal of the seal are production practices and respect for national and international standards related to human rights, child labor and labor conditions, for example. Certification is also concerned with ensuring the origin of plant material.

UEBT was created in 2007 as an arm of the United Nations (UN) to promote business engaged in ethical and fair trade. Participants in this association – of which Natura is a founding member – are intended to ensure that raw material supply chains ensure local development and biodiversity conservation, together with sustainable business growth.